Amber LED Sources


Thank you for your interest in amber (orange) lighting! Amber LEDs, for streetlights, residential, and commercial lighting, are our best choice for reducing light pollution and saving our dark skies, as even warm white LEDs will greatly increase skyglow.

When I met with my city council back in February of 2017, I spent hours and days calling different streetlighting companies trying to track down PC Amber LED streetlights and only found one company at the time who had them available! Currently, PC Amber LEDs have continued to make strides and are now on parity in terms of efficiency and cost with warm white LEDs. I hope this list of companies supplying amber LEDs will help you! :-D

Many thanks to Flagstaff Dark Skies Coalition@JohnBarentine@skyglowberlin@remiboucher@andhaenel@manugargil and many others for all of your helpful tweets about amber lighting and manufacturers and for the research many of you have done on the effects different light spectrums have on skyglow and the environment.


Why Amber?


COMPANIES OFFERING PC AMBER LEDS (For streetlights & more):


Landscape & Residential Amber LED Lighting:


Indoor Amber LED Lighting (because for health reasons, we need to limit our blue & green light exposure at night):


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